Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One Moment

For all of you SAHMs, you know this is a very rare moment. My kids all stayed the night with other people and my husband is still asleep.

Honestly, life is really good at this moment. My house is quiet. Do you remember what that sounds like?! Most of the time, I do not, but it is here now.

It is the most beautiful sound. You can actually hear yourself think. You can hear your house sign and get comfortable for the day. There is peace in silence. I love it!!!

The reason being is that I am usually listening to one or more of our three girls telling me a story, telling on one of the other ones, asking me to go somewhere (that is just Bailee, our eleven-year-old, right now), making plans that will not possibly work out, etc.

It is amazing to me how much my children talk. It seems they are completely unable to keep their thoughts in. I do realize though this is better than them never talking to me, which is something I would never want.

So you say to me, Jess I thought this was suppose to be about God or something. Oh, it is, because He is found in the silence. I truly struggle to have a "Quiet Time" when there is no quiet.

Lately, I have just not had the energy to get out of bed before our girls. The two younger ones are up usually by 7, if not sooner.

So this morning, I spent some time with the Lord. We talked about life and how I was doing. I read His word and was given the promise that no matter how it looks right now. It will get better, because my inheritance is in Him. I just need to keep seeking Him.

This is about God, because I am nothing without Him and life is impossible without Him.

I hope you are all blessed today.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

This is Shadow. We now have three cats. We are definitely done with the feline animals though. Next pet we may get will be a dog, but that is definitely for another day.

What do you think of him?


I think sometimes we are too concerned with our own independence. I know I have really been struggling with this lately.

My husband and I are going through a tough time right now, not with each other, just with our circumstances and I am finding it difficult to follow his lead. I know this is the way it should be, but I struggle.

We did not get married until we were both 25 and we both were comfortable with who we were. We did not see any reason for change. Our first year was a definite challenge. We also had a seven year old, so I thought I knew everything about being a parent and ... Well, I thought I was more mature and grounded than he was.

We are finding ourselves in that place again. We have been going through a financial struggle for over six months now and it just seems to get harder. We know our God is the God of breakthrough and it is coming, but we are being challenged in many areas through this circumstance.

Anyway, we are at a place again to expect more out of each other than is fair. Again I have found myself looking at my husband thinking I am more mature and grounded, but God is reminding me that is not the case.

I have to say Jeremy's and my communication skills have improved greatly over the last five years. We are much more willing to see things from the other person's views or at least let the other person have there say and try to understand.

I write all of this I guess to encourage those who may be going through something similar. God is good. I can see His hand all over our lives. Do not give up. We have not, even though it is hard.

Blessings on all of you,