Monday, June 25, 2007

I Return!!

So after more than two months of life overwhelming me, I am finding a moment to come back to you. Not that your here with me yet, but I hope you will return.

My life is filled with God given challenges right now. I remember the times when I would pray for my faith to be strengthened and challenged. I highly recommend you not praying that unless you are truly ready for God to meet you in that prayer.

Actually, I know we are never fully ready for the faith stretching experiences God puts in our paths, otherwise they would not be faith stretching, right?!

We, my husband and I, are in a process of refinement. I think I am especially feeling, but I know he is here with me.

For me, my parents and younger siblings are moving to Africa. My brother, Josh, one of my closest friends moved last fall. My brother, Jake, and his family will most likely only be here a year longer. My sister, Brandi, is in California right now. My sister, Brittney, is bound and determined to return to Canada where she spent a year. Our finances have been under the faith column for quite some time. My children have decided to grow and change faster than I am ready for. Life just seems to be a tornado around me right now.

I plan on pursuing God through this whole experience, not matter where it leads. I know God will use my growth to benefit others which is what I want more than anything.

I hope you will all stick around to enjoy the ride. Blessings today.