Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Do you ever wonder how so much time can pass and you did not even realize it? My family moved to Kenya almost three months ago. It has seemed long, but then it hasn't. My daughter turned 12 in October. How the heck did that happen? When did I give her the okay to turn 12 and become an almost-teenager? Which I think is just as bad as being a teenager, because they can feel that change is coming but they do not fully understand it. Like any of us understand change.
Okay, well, life is much better than I am making it out. God has abundantly blessed me and He continues to do it every day. I actually have nothing to honestly complain about and yet, I often do it.
So, I technically have two blogs. I had three, but I just deleted one, because I never wrote in it. I was trying to be so organized. One blog for separate trains of thought, but you know what, they have all merged. I have one track and it just runs several trains.
My husband is a one-train kind of guy. He gets going in one thought pattern and it is really hard to get that train to stop. Me, I can switch trains with a speed that not many can match. I often confuse and befuddle by husband by switching trains or maybe it is jumping tracks.
All of that to say, I am going to condense. I will just be using this blog for all of my mindless and hopefully, not so mindless, wanderings. Come wander with me any time you have a minute.


Ange~ said...

I've been waiting for you to write again! Did I inspire you to get back on the horse? :) Anyway, I hope you start to write more, because I just finally figured out how to subscribe to these things a few weeks ago!

Becky said...

Glad to "read" that your writing again....I kept checking in. It is good to get a glimpse into your life.