Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Than Just Words

I challenge you today to consider your Bible and decide for yourself it is more than just words. Is it the "Good Book" or is it THE Book? When asked where do you stand? Do you believe it is the inspired word of God or is just a collection of stories that help us to live life well?

At my church this morning, we had one of the elders speak on the Bible. Is it fact or is it a fable? He brought out some very interesting facts that prove the Bible to be true.

Just so you know, the Bible can be proven historically, scientifically, and archeologically. You may have to go find the proof, but it is there. Our society just wants us to believe that there is a question, so we do not feel emboldened to give it to those around us. We have allowed opinion to steal away, what should be, one of our most valued possessions.

Now that I have had my little soapbox moment, I want to tell you the most interesting thing I learned through this sermon. It was about what is called Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS). Have you heard of this? I had not.

Very simplistically, this is what these are. You can take any section of written language and find patterns. You kind find words that will happen at regular intervals.

Spies use this type of code when sending a message they do not want anyone to know what the true message is. The will write a message and place the code within. They will have already determined with the person receiving the message how many letters are between the letters of the code.

You start with the first letter in the message, circle it, then you count the pre-deteremined number, and circle the letter at the end of that. You would continue through the message in this way. At the end, you will receive the hidden message.

What I found out this morning is the Bible contains these types of messages. Especially within the first five books, there are these hidden messages. These messages are prophetic words about things that have happened within the last one hundred years. Hitler, happenings in Israel, 9/11, and other such things that changed history drastically are found in the Bible. What is found is a list a words that point to these things.

I am providing you with some links to check this information out yourself. I trust the many who gave the word this morning, but I am thinking to myself, why have I never heard this before. So I came home and got on the internet. Check this out. If nothing else, it will cause you to look at the Bible in a new light.

If you are interested in listening to the message, go to my church's site through the link given, on the right hand side of the site is a list of recent sermons, you can check out. Give my husband a day or so, he is responsible for downloading it on to the site.

I encourage you to not just accept what you hear on Sunday morning, know for yourself. I hope you hear me in this. I am not saying to constantly question those that minister to you. I am just saying you are responsible to know the Word for yourself. Be a willing student. Diving into your Bible and own it as your own.

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