Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My husband, Jeremy

He is the foundation of our family. He is so solid and I know it comes from his relationship with Christ. He is a wonderful man with a wonderful sense of humor. Life is something to be enjoyed and not just endured. Sometimes I feel like I am in "just get through it" mode and Jer comes along and makes everything worth it.

We live in a home filled with drama queens, but my husband truly is the ring leader. I would never call him a drama queen. He would be very offended, but he definitely enhances the drama of the household.

Recently, he played Elvis. He went so far as to dye his hair black and shave off all of his facial hair. He had older women swooning at his feet. He was fabulous.

There is so much to my husband. I know I could not do him full justice. We fight, we love, and we care for our children. We do all this knowing that Christ is the true foundation of our family.

Be blessed today.

P.S. I am desperately trying to work the picture-thing out with this Wordpress, but it is not happen. If any of you have tips, please let me know.

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