Friday, March 23, 2007

Time Does Fly

I cannot believe how quickly it does. I was sure it had only been two days since I last posted. Obviously, that was not the case though.

Life has just been moving along for me. I learn everyday I have to fight for my time with God. I either have to fight myself or my circumstances.

I know the days when I have not been with the Lord right from the start. They are much more challenging. It seems like everything that will upset me does.

I am beginning to realize why this happens. It is not because those things were not happening before. It is because when I have the Holy Spirit flowing through me than I have a completely different view and approach on life. I do not have to struggle with things as much, because I am more in tune to Jesus and how he views them.

The word tonight is spend time with Jesus. He loves you and He is waiting, always. He is always there for you. Never will He not be available.

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