Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today with God

I love to spend time with God and have Him speak to me. Lately it just seems like He has been revealing more of Himself to me.

My pastor spoke on Hell this week and how we should allow the certainty of Hell to put within us an overwhelming burden for the lost. It was such a good reminder. At times, I can get so caught up in my life and how it is being lived, I forget to look beyond myself.

I just think it is so wonderful that when we are willing God speaks to us. He just has been speaking to me lately about His love for all. There is no person out there that the Lord does not love. He sent Jesus to cover all of our sins putting us in right relationship with the Father. How incredible is that.

At times, I become discouraged with myself when I think of all that the Lord has done for me and how often I take that for granted. I know I am going to heaven and I want to arrive there in a right relationship with the Father, but what the Father wants is to see me and the harvest I have brought with me.

Now don't get me wrong. This is not a bash Jessica thing I am doing. It is just a self-realization thing. I want to be in right relationship with the Lord, but I want to be doing His will during that process. I do not think we get to be perfect and then He tells us to do the work. I think we should be doing the work while we are in process, because our testimonies of the process can be very powerful.

Tonight I stand before you or have written before you, my desire for more of the will of God, the ultimate goal for the Father, which is that none should perish. All should know the love of the Father and be adopted into the family.

I give you a challenge. Be listening for the Lord to speak to you about the people around you. Are you walking in His will regarding them? Are you speaking the words He has for them? And I believe a lot of the time those words are just going to be words of love and encouragement. It think sometimes we scare ourselves over what we think evangelism looks like, but all it is, is love someone so they see the Light of Jesus in you and then telling them about it when you feel the Lord's leading. When we love someone nothing else matters, but knowing in the end we will be together.

Blessings on you this night.

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toni said...

>>>Are you speaking the words He has for them? And I believe a lot of the time those words are just going to be words of love and encouragement.<<<

Now those are some convicting words right there. As I read the question, I thought, 'but I don't always know what God would have me say.' And then I read the rest of your comment.

Thans for the terrific and much needed insight.